Thanks to the Wilkesboro, NC West Wilke Middle School for their very generous donation of paper towels and toilet paper. The Fort Bragg Fisher House put out a call for help in a paper drive and SGM Watts and his bride Regina took on the challenge.

Every year the students, faculty, and staff of West Wilke Middle School in Wilkesboro, NC hold a Veterans Day program to honor local heroes. They use this program as a chance to give back to those who secure our freedom. Their theme this year was

“Be a hero, Thank a hero-”

Their student ambassadors chose to support the Fort Bragg Fisher House. They collected over 600 rolls of toilet tissue and paper towels. SGM Watts showed up on our doorstep with a UHAUL trailer this morning loaded to the rails. Thanks to the student ambassadors for their devotion and love of our veterans. OOHRAH!!!