🚙🏡📣❤️📣Volunteer Spotlight 📣❤️📣🏡🚙

🔅Thank You🔅

TSgt Young and SSgt Gorman

These two airman from the 86 AW/SEW at Ramstein AFB Germany have been remarkable supporters of the Landstuhl Fisher Houses! Some of their recent projects are:

❄️Braving the harsh winter weather to fix our flagpole! Our Fisher House flag is flying high and proud!❄️

🚙 They also maintain our Fisher House van. Most recently, they mounted new tires, changed the spark plugs, and checked our brakes. 🚙

Thank you both so much for your willingness to serve! It is people like you who help make our missions possible! ❤️🏡🏡❤️