Mr. Tim McCarthy with the Knights of Columbus District Deputy, District 24, Augusta, GA; and Mr. Jim Clifford, PGK, FDD, Georgia State Advocate, Georgia State Historian, Knights of Columbus Charities, of Georgia Board of Directors and several members of the Knights of Columbus, the Color Corps Commander St. Teresa’s Assembly stopped by the Fisher House on April 28, 2016 and made a contribution to the Fort Gordon Fisher House. Mrs. Bernadette Sales, FH staff, and Mr. Earl Cooper, Fisher House Family Member, greeted the group to the Fisher House and accepted the donation on behalf of the Fisher House. Thanks to the following individuals – Sir Knights and Color Corps Commanders Darvin Hagen, Jim Howell, Mr. Earl Cooper, PFN Bill Holt, State Advocate Jim Clifford, Ed Huter, PFN Bob Barnett, District Deputy 24 Karl Stevens, PFN Ken White, Brian Musha, Tom Phair and Faithful Navigator Assembly 174 DEA Dave Kriegel, and Mr. Tim McCarthy DD24.


With Kang McCarthy, Earl Cooper, Timothy McCarthy, Karen Ann Gardner- Clifford, Bill Holt, Karl Stevens, Ilene Olson, Tom Phair, Lisa Phair and David Lynn Kriegel Sr.