The Fort Gordon Spouses’ & Civilians’ Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving back to the Fort Gordon community through volunteer service, grants, and scholarships.  The Fort Gordon Fisher House was honored to be one of the organizations on Thursday, 21Apr16, to be the recipient of a grant given out on the Fort Gordon Spouses’ & Civilian Club Grants’ and Scholarships’ evening event.  Thanks to the following members of the FGSCC Board:  Melissa Ebbing, Jane Miller, Diane Davies, Tracy Sammons, Sharon Fogarty, Paula Reese, Joanie Bryant, Stephanie Lainez, Jean Jones, Lori Pflieger, Ron Pflieger, Jean Cabral, Lindsay Bennett, Shirley Mollenkopf, Margaret Trimble, Alex Clasen, Evette Ingwersen, and Lynette Stewart.  Attached is a picture of Jeanie Cabral, Grants Chairperson, and Melissa Ebbing, Fort Gordon Spouses’ & Civilian Club President, presenting a check to Mr. Francisco Cruz, Fisher House Manager – Fort Gordon, also pictured is Ron Pflieger, Grants Chairperson.