Zachary Elizabeth Fisher, Fort Hood Texas friends as we move into the next phase after this tragedy we are now focused on taking care of the families. We know that families will be grateful for donated meals or gift cards for places that deliver like pizza or Chinese. There is a meal train started. If you would like to “adopt a family” for a meal please message me so that I can get the date and meal you would like to provide. Currently the request is for a family of 4 starting 16 June is the next date open to provide meals. Thank you

***Update I know several people have mentioned wanting to help but aren’t here. You can still pick a date and charge a meal by your phone and have it delivered on your selected date or send a gift card for a certain Restaurant and we make sure a meal is picked up and delivered to them. We have 9 families we want to care for and since we want to give them their privacy to grieve I am helping my friends at the unit and will be a contact. Any gift cards u want to send can be sent to Ft Hood Fisher House 36015 Fisher Lane Ft Hood TX 36015. We will distribute them among the families.

Again this community both my FB and local folks never ceases to amaze me with your generosity when we are hurting and are looking to take care of our own. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the Unit and families. If anyone has questions you can reach me at 254-702-3530 – Theresa Johnson, Manager, Fisher House, Fort Hood, TX.