❤️❤️A big Thank You to Gabriella from Landstuhl Girl ScoutTroop Number 55600 and her little sister (and helper) Olivia!❤️❤️

These two young ladies dropped off a bounty of donated Girl Scout cookies, collected for the families staying at the Landstuhl Fisher House ?

Because of Gabriella’s hard work, a Fisher House lapel pin was pinned on her Girl Scout vest?❤️?

Thanks for the Armed Forces Financial Network and the Ft Bragg Federal Credit Union for presenting the house with $1000 in gift cards. We welcome the support and the flexibility it gives us to purchase needed items for the house. Thanks to Todd and Andrew for taking time out to stop by and support.

A big Thank You, to the DAR Palatine Chapter for their long time support and recent donation! We were so thrilled to receive Mrs. Tiffin Fox, who made a donation on behalf of the chapter on 4 February! We were also very happy to welcome members for a house visit on 2 February! ?  We realize you all worked very hard to make this donation possible and we are very grateful!

Thanks to Raleigh Harley Owners Group (HOG) for their devotion and fundraising for the families of the Fort Bragg Fisher House. Their members are a blessing to our home here and we look forward to seeing them at every opportunity. Thanks to Terry and Matthew for stopping by to present a check on behalf of all your members….on behalf of the families here a big HOOAH is in order.

The group holds an annual HOG bike raffle and this year raised $1500. If interested in supporting next years raffle, be sure to reach out to the Raleigh HOG or myself and I can put you in contact with them.

Thanks to the Wilkesboro, NC West Wilke Middle School for their very generous donation of paper towels and toilet paper. The Fort Bragg Fisher House put out a call for help in a paper drive and SGM Watts and his bride Regina took on the challenge.

Every year the students, faculty, and staff of West Wilke Middle School in Wilkesboro, NC hold a Veterans Day program to honor local heroes. They use this program as a chance to give back to those who secure our freedom. Their theme this year was

“Be a hero, Thank a hero-”

Their student ambassadors chose to support the Fort Bragg Fisher House. They collected over 600 rolls of toilet tissue and paper towels. SGM Watts showed up on our doorstep with a UHAUL trailer this morning loaded to the rails. Thanks to the student ambassadors for their devotion and love of our veterans. OOHRAH!!!

“Fisher Houses provide sanctuary for up to 935 families every night in 70 homes. That would be impossible without Americans across nation who contribute to making those dreams a reality. Americans do care and our military and Veterans should never be disappointed by the lack of compassion and faithfulness of their fellow countrymen.” Dave Coker, President of Fisher House Foundationhttp://www.fisherhouse.org/