T-TIME a Post Chapel group, which stands for transforming teens in ministry everyday, is a group of young individuals who stopped by the Fisher House on 10 June 2006 from 09:00am until 1:00pm and performed some outside work at the Fisher House and later cooked lunch (hot dogs and hamburgers) for the Fisher House guest(s). Thanks to the following individuals for their work and support: Crystal Ann Handran, Richard Handran Sr., Richard Handran Jr., Rebekahann Handran, Jarig Hill, Maurice Greening, Dee Dee Slate, Sean Slate, Jacob Turner, Kiara Turner, Rachael Thompson, Breana Thompson, Fredrick Thompson.

The Youth Challenge Academy, a National Guard run program that offers a structured military influenced training and mentoring program for at-risk youth is a program that develops the life skills, educational levels and employment potential of 16-to-18-year-old high school dropouts aimed at improving employment potential and creating productive citizens. Some of the young individuals with the Fort Gordon Youth Challenge Academy stopped by the Fisher House on 10 June 2006 from 4:00pm until 7:00pm. They were given a tour and briefed about the Fisher House.

After the tour, they prepared an evening meal for the families staying at the Fisher House with the guidance and supervision of Mrs. Sue Brison. Thanks to the following cadets for their support and Mrs. Sue Brison and her Husband Mr. Brison: Jamiz Altamirano; Jasmyne Jordan; Kimberly Johnson; Karlha Adams; Sabre Harris; Shaquanna Lakes; Brittany Scarborough; Jakeria Mathis; Rasheeda Pankey; Cadet Niles.

Thank you to Mr. Thomas Mayo, an Army veteran who received military training (Signal) at Fort Gordon back in 1966, traveled from Nevada and visited the Fort Gordon Fisher House on 7 June 11, 2006 and personally made a donation of $1000.