Did you know, many of our residents are parents of babies recovering in the NICU?

When the Hebert twins were born at 29 weeks their family stayed with us for the two months the twins spent in the NICU.

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with the Hebert family and learned a little bit about their experience at the Landstuhl Fisher House and how the twins are doing now!

When asked if staying at the Landstuhl Fisher House was helpful we received the following response:

“Having our babies at 29 weeks was the hardest thing my family has ever had to endure. At the time of the twins birth we were new to Germany. No family and no friends really.The NICU staff and the Fisher House staff really became like family. Staying at the Fisher House also helped eliminate the stress and financial burden of traveling back and forth from our home to the hospital. Also, being able to stay at the Fisher House allowed me to the hold, visit and participate in feedings into the wee hours of the night. Sometimes, I would stay in the NICU until 2:30 am and it was so convenient to be able to walk back to my room. All in all, being at the Fisher House was a blessing to us.”

In the two months the Hebert family called us their “home away from home” they enjoyed many meals provided by our Meals Team:

“We absolutely enjoyed the meals provided by the volunteers! There were days when I would spend so much time with the babies I’d forget to eat….I loved that when I would return to the house in the evenings there would be a hot meal waiting in the kitchen. It was such a blessing for us. Again, one less thing I would have to worry about while in our stressful situation.”

On what they would like others to know about the Landstuhl Fisher House:

“I would like everyone to know how much of a blessing the Fisher House is. The Landstuhl Fisher House provides a home away from home to all military families facing stressful situations.

The Hebert twins just turned 2 in April! We are thrilled they are doing so well and that we were able to provide their family with the support they deserved!


Yay!! Our new Fisher House on Ft Bragg is officially open. Thanks to the Marine Corps Leage Shawn Knisley Detachment 983 for coming and raising our flag for us today.  We are located on Womack Army Medical Center’s property, 3120 Loop Rd. Our phone number for now till we can get the other number transfered over is 910-849-3466.

We have officially opened the new house. Our first guest is Patricia Leake with 2 more checking in tonight.

April is the Month of the Military Child and Fisher House Foundation would like to honor military youth for the important role they play in contributing to the strength of military families and our nation.


“Fisher Houses provide sanctuary for up to 935 families every night in 70 homes. That would be impossible without Americans across nation who contribute to making those dreams a reality. Americans do care and our military and Veterans should never be disappointed by the lack of compassion and faithfulness of their fellow countrymen.” Dave Coker, President of Fisher House Foundation


Meet Tara Redmond! Tara has been with the LRMC Fisher House for a year and a half. She recently became our Assistant Manager! If any of you have stayed with us or called there is a good chance you have met or spoken with Tara! Her kindness and upbeat personality are contagious!

Tara’s favorite memory so far with the LRMC Fisher House is attending/coordinating the Tree Lighting Ceremony. She stated “seeing the community come together to show their support and holiday spirit is always enjoyable for me!”

Tara says that the people she works with everyday is her favorite aspect of her job! “I am a people person and love to interact with people. In my position, I come across all kinds of different people in different settings. Learning about them and being able to help and serve them in any capacity possible is a pure joy for me!”

Thank you Tara for your commitment to our residents!

Team of runners completes 250-mile trip to Fort Gordon


For the fourth year, a team from Millen, Ga., made a more than 250-mile trip from Fort Benning to Fort Gordon on foot over three days to raise money for the Fort Gordon Warrior Transi­tion Battalion and the post’s Fisher House.
The team of seven, with runners from ages 10 to 68, completed the journey about 3 p.m. Sunday at the Fisher House, which provides a home for families of those being treated at the nearby Eisen­hower Army Medical Center. A crowd waited to greet them with applause and plenty of water. “It took a lot of heart and soul to do what you did,” Francisco Cruz Jr., the Fisher House manager, said to the team. “I just can’t say thank you enough.”

Ray Miller, the oldest runner at 68 and one of the organizers of the Benning to Gordon Relay, said the idea started a few years ago when he and other avid runners started questioning what it would be like to run that far. They decided on a worthy cause, and the annual tradition was born. Miller said all of the runners are very patriotic and two, himself included, are veterans.
Over the past three years, the relay has raised more than $20,000. The team has raised $3,500 this year, but the account will stay open until mid-April. The relay started Thurs­day just outside Fort Ben­ning. Each runner covered about three miles before hopping in a van and the next runner taking over. Churches and other groups got involved along the way. The runners would run into an area to support, applause and in many cases, a meal.
For the most part, runners said, things ran smoothly this year. They admitted that it did get warm Saturday and there was some rain Sun­day morning, but it was just enough to cool them.
“It’s a little tiring and a little taxing especially in the heat, but they’re all good athletes,” Miller said.
Rick Lane, who has run all four years, said it doesn’t get any easier, but this year he did have a close companion: his 10-year-old son River. Lane said his son had been running recently and asked to join this year. River covered 28 miles on his own. “It was a good cause,” River said, but his legs are “a little sore.”
Miller said the discomfort the runners felt over three days pounding the pavement was short-lived compared to the discomfort troops feel.“What we do for a couple of days is just a drop in the bucket,” he said. The group plans to continue the relay run next year. Donations can be made to the Benning to Gordon Relay account at Queensborough Bank of Millen, P.O. Box 780, Millen, GA 30442 or by visiting the run’s Facebook page.

Team of runners completes 250-mile trip to Fort Gordon
Francisco Cruz Jr. shared Benning to Gordon Relay’s post, March 13 at 10:03 pm

Welcome to the second Fisher House in support of Madigan Army Medical Center, Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA.

A replacement house at Fort Bragg is under construction, due to open in spring 2016.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Ms. Jennifer Daugherty to the Army Fisher House family. Jennifer is the new Manager at the Fort Blisss Fisher House.