We’ve said it before, and we will say it time and time again, we ❤️ our little residents the best! We are so fortunate to have a beautiful playroom for the kiddos! It offers a much needed distraction from the chaos that comes with having a family member receiving medical care. As you can see we love to play in there as well! Pictured are one of our guests little Mr. Ace and our Manager, Vivian Wilson ♥️🏡♥️

Baking with smiles!!! We appreciate the lovely cookies from a precious Junior Auxiliary Member of Unit 832

We are always so appreciative of the Ramstein Stroller Warriors! They are huge advocates of our mission and support us in many ways! Including bringing delicious meals for our families to enjoy! Last Thursday they dropped off this amazing breakfast ♥️🏡♥️ thank you ladies for all you do!! — feeling thankful ~ Landstuhl Fisher Houses

A BIG thank you to The American Postal Workers Auxiliary of Greensboro, NC! They made a MUCH needed monetary donation as well as a generous donation of supplies! ♥️🏡♥️ thank you so very much!! ~ Fort Bragg Fisher House is feeling thankful ~ Vivian Wilson

From a guest at the Fisher House, Christa and Adric wanted to share Raidyn’s story. We are so happy to be able to help Raidyn’s parents as well as the many other families that stay at the Fort Bragg Fisher House. Thanks to the Fisher House Foundation for the “Onesis”… Raidyn had to grow into his and we are proud he is doing well.

“This is our son Raidyn. He was born premature 10 weeks early on February 17th weighing 3lbs 10oz. He needed to be admitted to NICU right away since he was so premature. We were able to stay at the hospital for a couple days until I was discharged. I was terrified having to go home, off post, and to leave our son behind. Fortunately, my husband and I were invited to stay at the Fisher House, which is right next to the hospital. My mom flew out the next day to be our side during this time. She had her hotel set and ready to go, and she was actually able to stay at the Fisher House with us! It took us by complete surprise, and we were so grateful to have my mom be able to stay right across the hall from us, for the entire time she was here. It was amazing to have one less thing to stress about.
We have continued to stay at the Fisher House, as our son is still in the NICU and will be for awhile longer. Being able to stay so close has been a life saver! We are able to be by our sons side multiple times throughout the day and night. The Fisher House has amazing accommodations. I’m able to do my laundry, cook meals in a wonderfully designed kitchen, and sleep comfortably in my own room. It has the great homey feel, and has been our home away from home during this tough time. Caretakers Jim and Michael have been a great people to talk to as well. They check on my husband and I every day, making sure our son is doing good and that were okay. It has been amazing having the support of the Fisher House to help us through this rough time, without it I don’t know what we would have done.”