We have some very exciting news! Our beautiful gartenhaus has been completed! Lovingly referred to as Fisher House 3 🏡! We have so many people we want to thank for their hard work funding and constructing this much needed extra storage area!

To everyone who supported us in last year’s CFC Campaign, DANKE! Some of the funds raised were used to purchase the gartenhaus!

The below Volunteers assisted in building the gartenhaus: they did the construction and partially painted on the weather proofing!

CMSgt Richard McHose
MSgt Christopher Paris
MSgt Michael Murieen
MSgt Jesse Reed
Msgt Seth Allen
TSgt Luis Garcia Alvarez
A1C Kevin Moore-Magee

We’d also like to thank SSgt Wesley Ford, who was responsible for putting on the roof; also did some of the weather proofing of the gartenhaus and built the picnic table!

Eagle Scout, Austin Donnelly, who recently graduated from High School in May, raised money to buy the covered trash can container and built and installed the garden tool rack on the back of the haus! The area he designed and created is super functional and looks great! To complete this beautiful area, he purchased a bird feeder to match the haus!

Last but not least, we’d like to thank SSgt Guerrero, and the two other Volunteers (whose names we were unable to obtain, so sorry) who were responsible for building the interior shelves in the gartenhaus and applying the final coat of weather proof stain!

All the above were personally responsible for getting this beautiful haus built. We could not be more grateful!