The Scholarships for Military Children Program has announced more than 700 winners of their 2016 “Honor Roll.”

Students with military ties applied for the $2,000 scholarships at commissary locations on military installations around the world.

Each was required to maintain a minimum 3.0 grade point average, participate in voluntary school and community activities, demonstrate leadership qualities and write an essay.

The scholarships are funded by organizations that do business with the commissary system and are administered through the Fisher House Foundation.

JBSA Fort Sam Houston

Thank you so very much to the Spouses of the 76th AS for the delicious dinner provided to our residents last night!

One of our younger residents really loved the “denere” (dinner) 👍

We cannot tell you how much these meals are appreciated by our residents. If you’d like to learn more about our Meal Team email Emily at:

Each year the Viking Challenge hosted by the KMC 5/6 provides us with amazing support! We are so grateful to all those who worked so hard to host the event and to all the teams who participated!

We are truly thankful for the dedication and support to our mission of providing a home away from home for our families! ❤️

We would like to thank the following individuals for their work as committee leads:

TSgt Cagle
SSgt Smith
SSgt Salgado
SSgt Salinas
SSgt Robbins

To everyone who had a hand in this years event danke!!!!

Landstuhl Fisher House

Congratulations to the Hickam Commissary Scholars who received $2,000 toward their college education:
Perry Arrasmita
Samantha Mann
Kaisha Mason
Hannah Tufts

Presented by Eyvinne Umemoto (Hickam Store Director) & Daniel Smith (Hickam Assistant Store Director)

Sponsored by the Fisher House Foundation

Thanks to Project Lifting Spirits, Inc. who on Friday, 15Jul16 provided pepperoni, sausage, and cheese pizzas along with drinks for our Fort Gordon Fisher House Families to enjoy.    Ms. Stacia (Stacey) Blevins, Secretary of Project Lifting Spirits, Inc. coordinating this event, from left to right, Alexis Udycz, Stacia Blevins, Cori Cleveland, Herbert Cleveland and Calvin Woodfork.

On May 16, 2016

WHEN: THURSDAY, MAY 19, 2016, 8:15–9 a.m.

In honor of our military heritage, our founders and our 75th anniversary of being “here for good,” we are excited to present a $75,000 donation among three local military-serving non-profit agencies. These agencies support our service members and their families at a time when they face the most difficult challenges of their lives:

Col. Charles E. Cheever Sr. and Betty Cheever founded Broadway Bank 75 years ago to meet the banking needs of fellow service members and the local community. Col. Cheever served in World War II as staff judge advocate for General Patton. Their son, Broadway Bank Chairman Emeritus Charlie E. Cheever Jr., served as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force and the Texas Air National Guard after graduating from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

“We are excited to support Fisher House at both Lackland and Fort Sam Houston and the Warrior and Family Support Center in their commitment and dedication to our service members. During this 75th anniversary year, we pause to honor our military heritage by giving to organizations that truly make a difference in the lives of our military heroes and their families every day,” said David Bohne, Broadway Bank CEO.

Join us for photo opportunities and interviews with representatives from the military-serving organizations; Chairman Emeritus Charles Cheever Jr., the son of our founders; David Bohne, our new CEO; Jim Goudge, our chairman; and other family members and long-time employees.

About Broadway Bank

Headquartered in San Antonio, Broadway Bank was founded in 1941 by Col. Charles E. Cheever and his wife, Elizabeth Cheever. It has evolved from a small neighborhood bank into one of the largest independently owned banks in Texas. Today, Broadway Bank continues to function as a family-owned and operated financial institution. Broadway Bank offers a full-range of sophisticated financial services, including personal banking, private banking, military banking, business banking and wealth management. With more than $3 billion in total assets, the highly rated Bank operates 39 locations in San Antonio, Austin and the surrounding areas. Visit the Broadway Bank website at for more information.


Lydia Rodriguez, Marketing Communications Director, Broadway Bank

 A BIG THANK YOU to the Korean War Veterans Association (KWVA) Hawaii Chapter 1 for their donation of $3,000 to Tripler Army Medical Center Fisher Houses.  Thank You for your support to our military families.

We are incredibly grateful to the participants of the WOA Rhineland Pfalz Silver Chapter Golf Tournament. Not only did they show up to support us by participating in the tournament the First, Second and Third place teams donated their winnings to the Landstuhl Fisher House!

What an amazing event and and acts of generosity! Thank you to all who were involved in this event!

Pictured is the WOA Rhineland Pfalz Silver Chapter June 3, 2016 Golf Tournament Participants

Zachary Elizabeth Fisher, Fort Hood Texas friends as we move into the next phase after this tragedy we are now focused on taking care of the families. We know that families will be grateful for donated meals or gift cards for places that deliver like pizza or Chinese. There is a meal train started. If you would like to “adopt a family” for a meal please message me so that I can get the date and meal you would like to provide. Currently the request is for a family of 4 starting 16 June is the next date open to provide meals. Thank you

***Update I know several people have mentioned wanting to help but aren’t here. You can still pick a date and charge a meal by your phone and have it delivered on your selected date or send a gift card for a certain Restaurant and we make sure a meal is picked up and delivered to them. We have 9 families we want to care for and since we want to give them their privacy to grieve I am helping my friends at the unit and will be a contact. Any gift cards u want to send can be sent to Ft Hood Fisher House 36015 Fisher Lane Ft Hood TX 36015. We will distribute them among the families.

Again this community both my FB and local folks never ceases to amaze me with your generosity when we are hurting and are looking to take care of our own. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the Unit and families. If anyone has questions you can reach me at 254-702-3530 – Theresa Johnson, Manager, Fisher House, Fort Hood, TX.


The Signal Captain Career Course Class 05-16 (SCCC 05-16) came out to the Fort Gordon Fisher House on Saturday June 4, 2016. They were divided into two groups and given a briefing and tour of the Fisher House. Afterwards they volunteered and gave a helping hand at the Fisher House. The members of the SCCC 05-16 primarily worked outside in the sweltering heat and accomplished several tasks to include cutting and trimming shrubberies and small trees around the Fisher House and meditation area etc., they also cleaned-out and organized the inside of the shed. When everything was completed each member of the class was presented with an Army Fisher House Coin. See attached pictures of the event.

Thanks to the following individuals of the Signal Captain Career Course Class (SCCC 05-16):

1. Kevin Williams – SCCC 05-16
2. Jennifer Glover – SCCC 05-16
3. Kristopher Miller – SCCC 05-16
4. Christopher Knoll – SCCC 05-16
5. Alan Lewis – SCCC 05-16
6. Cody Whitmore – SCCC 05-16
7. Nicolas Bates – SCCC 05-16
8. Alper Kanakay – SCCC 05-16
9. Marcus Kelley – SCCC 05-16
10. Aaron Altgilbers – SCCC 05-16
11. Marcus Rockwell – SCCC 05-16
12. Blake Harris – SCCC 05-16
13. Bryan Chancey – SCCC 05-16
14. Jermaine Wright – SCCC 05-16
15. Keith Kleride Jr. – SCCC 05-16
16. Michael Belina – SCCC 05-16
17. Brandon Chong – SCCC 05-16
18. Steven LaBarbera – SCCC 05-16
19. Manuel Ruelas – SCCC 05-16
20. Servando Santiago – SCCC 05-16
21. Kaytlin Stuart – SCCC 05-16
22. Mark Goodwin – SCCC 05-16