Now there is new way to support our troops! Author David Nemeroff is donating a portion of the proceeds from his book Enter Into Aikido from each copy sold through our organization.

Enter Into Aikido is an ideal gift for anyone interested in beginning the study of martial arts or continuing their training. David Nemeroff covers a wide variety of topics, demystifying many of the questions that people have. For the advanced practitioner, this text delves into the application of philosophical concepts as it pertains to the martial arts and everyday life. Enter Into Aikido is required reading for parents looking to get their children involved in martial arts. Those with knowledge or experience in Aikido will learn more about Aikido’s history, philosophical principles, and the various styles of Aikido.

David Nemeroff has practiced Aikido for over 24 years and has earned black belts in nine different styles of martial arts. David is the Soke-dai and Aikido division head for Fukasa-ryu Bujutsukai and a registered instructor for Kokusai Budoin, Tokyo, Japan. He is the owner of Aikido Masters Self-Defense Academy in Whitehall, PA and a professor of Aikido at Penn State University.

To purchase a copy of this essential guide while helping a worthy cause, simply go to and follow the instructions.